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Artist Statement

The works I create, while established as socially engaged, are not to be seen in the same light as social practice.  They are (ironically) referential works, often collaborative, that present the social inequities relevant to art production/processes in a direct and humorous tone. As Pablo Helguera notes in Education for Socially Engaged Art (2000), “Socially engaged art functions by attaching itself to subjects and problems that normally belong to other disciplines, moving them temporarily into a space of ambiguity.” 

However, In the context of this concentration, the works function as a point of departure rather than a gesture of specified future “intentions”, as they do not accurately display my hopes for future projects; they are intended to function in so much as their audience allows, inherently temporal. 

This is an attempt to show my work as inherently contextual to its audience, that “socially engaged art is not an art movement…these cultural practices indicate a new social order-ways of life that emphasize participation, challenge power, and span disciplines.”  This presents the concentration of my work to be heavily reliant on communicative action rather than social action. As described by Jürgen Habermas in The Theory of Communicative Action (1981) communicative action functions as social action geared towards communication and understanding between individuals, rather than more superficial approaches of social engagement.

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